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[TRUE] Nuredini: The use of plastic bags for carrying goods has been drastically reduced

„In order to be transparent, we share information on the number of funds collected from bags collected during the month of December, which amounts to 14, 413 million denars, "said Nuredini, emphasizing that although much greater demotivation was expected to buy bags, however, initial data provided in cooperation with large markets show that the amount…

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[TRUE] MOEPP: Instructions for submission of evidence sheet and payment of a fee for biodegradable bags for transport of goods

According to the Law on Management of Packaging and Packaging Waste from December 1, 2021, a fee is provided for biodegradable bags for transport of goods, which should be collected and paid by traders on a quarterly basis, for which a special income account is opened. For the month of December, which started the implementation…

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